tekenNovatec precision Systems Ltd. was founded in 1985 by Abraham Greenberg and Shalom Peled, engineers which had varied experience in managing development and manufacturing of advanced
instrumentation systems.
Novatec’s main objective is to provide development and manufacturing services in multidisciplinary systems.
The company’s structure enables a short implementation schedule with flexible and varied forms of communication.
The company has performed hundreds of projects, manufacturing and development of civilian products, industrial projects, medical equipment and military systems .
The company has 35 employees and is located in The Science Park of Rehovot Israel.

Company Vision

Novatec precision Systems Ltd. set a goal to be a leading company for manufacturing and development services. This vision is based on the concept of providing clients with the highst quality products according to all criteria, utilizing the most advanced technologies with the extensive and updated knowledge.
Novatec precision Systems Ltd. believes in employing the most professional skilled personnel, and is investing continuously in increasing knowledge and skills of all employees.
The result is a stability with growth, and a great advantage for the clients.


The latest software for Mechanical and electronical design based on AutoCAD,
10 assembly spots.
Priority” – a management software for management of all company activities.
Clean room assembly Optoelectronics – requiring mechanical cleaning level
between 1,000 to 100,000.
A workshop for mechanical repairs and emergency work and focused.
Wiring position.

Companies owned by Novatec precision Systems:


NOVAMETAL was established in 1995 as a partnership between Novatec precision Systems Ltd. and IST.
NOVAMETAL supplies computerized and conventional metalworking services.
The company is located in Science Park, Ness – Ziona, specializing in machining high-tech industries.

The company employs approximately – 45 employees


NOVATRADE was established in 2007 as a department of Novatec precision Systems Ltd. . Its main objective is marketing and sales of imported components for high – tech and traditional industries.
NOVATRADE ‘s director Yitzhak Gur, has over 30 years of experience in trading in this area of business.
The company represents suppliers and foreign manufacturers in various fields using the accumulated knowledge and capabilities to help customers with the continuous need for components on demand. The major added value of the company is its ability to adjust to any requirement as tailor made.