Novametal – CNC machining company

  • The company was founded in 1995. Jointly owned by Novatec and IST.

  • The company specializes in high-tech industries machining.

  • Employs a workforce of about 45 man and women

  • Owns about 15 machines, including 3 high-end 5 axis machines

  • Approved supplier of ElOp / Elbit and Indigo – HP

novametal logo


Novatrade Department was established in 2007.  Represents foreign companies and manufacturers for the high-tech and traditional industries in Israel.

Some of the represented companies:

VARIOHM – Force, Load, Pressure, Vibration Sensors
UNIMEASURE – Linear Position and Velocity Transducers
SERVOMETER – Electroforms, Bellows, Contacts and flexible shaft couplings
RIVERHAWK COMPANY – Flexural Pivots [frictionless bearings]
KSS – Ball screws, direct motor drive Ball screws, Ultra miniature Actuators
SORTEX – Manufacturers of “Color Sorting Machines”