Medi-Dud is the ultimate simplest answer to those searching for “Digital Thermometer for solar and electricity heating” or in other words “digital thermometer in boilers. “Medi-Dud” touches everyone’s daily needs. At home, the gym, the kitchen and so on. Medi-Dud refers to household fixtures such as water heating boiler, boiler, hot water, temperature of the hot water boiler, indication of water temperature, saving electricity, saving water, extending the life of the heating element.

Medi-Dud allows us to see the water temperature directly. Not by conversion tables and water volumes in liters. After installation, the habit of looking at digital thermometer before the shower, becomes second nature. In addition, no additional devices can broke. No tables or translation of water volume is required for shower of 1 person or 2 or 3 and so on. Medi-Dud installation is simple and quick. No electrical connections, no water liquidation or flange or thermostat disassembly. There is no need for emptying the boiler for installation. Installation can be done by the tenant himself or by professional plumber, electrician or the company’s technician.

Medi-Dud is simple and inexpensive. The definition of “Keep it Simple” applies here.  The device shows the water and the room temperatures. There are 2 components communicating via RF (Radio Frequency). The home unit can be placed on the shelf in the kitchen, the bedroom or the shower. Medi-Dud device allows intuitive and wise use of hot water and thus prolongs the life of the heating element and allows without effort or thought to save water. Just looking at the monitor and see what the temperature. No more turning the tap water flow in order to feell the temperature. Simple as that.